A series of extra ordinary acts yield extraordinary

Natural happening

A spontaneous act

Being at the right time, right place, and with the right tools, and doing a natural thing without feeling accomplishing anything.

For instance: a man on a fishing boat with a stick, helping to pass a passenger’s wallet from one heavy cruiser to another.


I feel the need to offer something to others

Expressed dedication, but then only act when feeling happy, leaving things in the last minutes.

Often require outside pressure to finish the tasks like doing assessments in Uni, requires encouragements along the way, and need work to work in a team.


Looking for exciting challenges

Performing with a sense of a person that is doing volunteer work.

A self-driven, self-motivated act, able to convert problems into exciting challenges and have the right attitude to complete them, seeking for self improvements, actively supporting others.

Window shopper

Just having a quick look

Agreeing verbally, 3 minutes warmth, excuse expert, then drops the ball when feel not so great.

In this case, please see our paid tasks, like any other commercial arrangements, we expect excellency and dedication.