Puri Meditation

Program terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

1. The "Puri Meditation Program" is not intended for medical treatment purposes. I agree to participate in the "Puri Meditation Program" and have been informed and agree to the all relevant materials provided regarding this course, I intend to obtain the best outcome possible by following the instructor's guidance and arrangements.

2. I guarantee that all the information and medical declarations I have provided are true, and I have fully informed the teaching staff of any special physical conditions. If any accident or discomfort occurs due to concealing my health condition or providing false information, I will take full responsibility, and it will not be related to "Puri Meditation Program".

3. I fully understand that during the course, I must follow the guidance of the personnel mentioned in items 1 and 2 above. Therefore, if my intentional actions cause bodily or property damage, the"Puri Meditation Program", its organizer(s), instructors and related personnel will not be liable for compensation. Any claims will be assessed and processed by the insurance company in accordance with the policy.

4. If, during the course period, I am deemed unsuitable to continue the course activities by the instructors or for other unforeseen reasons, I agree not to request a refund of the remaining portion of the fees paid.

5. Due to the needs of the course and teaching, audio recording, video recording, and photography of students' progress will be conducted during the course period, and these may be used as reference images for later promotional advertisements.

6. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the organizers have the right to change the activity under reasonable, and legal conditions.

7. Payment Method:
Payment will be in AUD and is to be made via bank transfer.
Account name:
Account number:
Bank name:

8. Refund Policy for Registration
If the participant has registered and paid but cannot participate, the activity fee can be retained for participation within one year.

9. Anyone completing and submitting the registration form is considered to have agreed to and voluntarily comply with this agreement.