Discover the profound relationship between life and the power within your body

A 3-day / 7-day / 21-day Purification Program offers you a unique opportunity to awaken and harness your inner strength, forming a good foundation for your quest of actualizing Buddhahood in this lifetime

Along with your dedication, we are hoping to enable you to have the following

Profound benefits

Revitalize your life

Embark on a journey to cleanse your body and mind, removing
internal obstacles and establishing a foundation for lasting

Real potential and real wisdom within

Let go of conscious thinking and tap into the natural flow of life's
wisdom. This program helps you connect deeply with your inner wisdom
and reveal your true potential

Health and Wellbeing

Through gentle yet powerful techniques, learn how to cleanse your
body, enhance your vitality, and improve your overall health and well-

Real-time calibration

Just-in-time practice calibration to ensure potent and precise guidance on techniques

Comprehensive support

Enjoy high quality support with personalized advise even after the course plus 1 on 1 Q&A sessions to address your unique situation

Growth path

Assist in drawing and customize long term growth plans to enable you to achieve your personal life goals and beyond
SYD Puri Meditation ONE v1.1

Program highlights

Purification flow

Dynamic Body Adjustment

Discover and utilize your internal strength through movements and
techniques focused on the health of your internal organs and spine

Release Negative Energy

Clear your body of accumulated negative energy, and experience improved mental clarity, emotional stability, and overall feeling of good health

Stimulate Vitality

Repair your body's natural functions, promote energy flow and feel the surge of life force energy within you, driving the formation of healthier habits