Listen, enjoy, accept other points of views of the same external moment

Project HuaZang

Relax and be still

Become as still as possible using your own techniques for a minute

Prepare prior

After adequate preparation on the defined topic prior to the meet up

3-5 as a group

With 3-5 members as a group, each expressing their findings as precise as possible for a maximum duration of 3 minutes

No interruption

While one is conveying, the rest of the members must listen tentatively and cannot interrupt the speaker whatsoever, when speaker’s 3 minutes is up, the speaker must stop talking immediately

Only convey your ideas

The next speaker cannot continue on speaking from previous speaker’s stream of thoughts

Cycle 3 rounds

Like this, cycling three rounds for each member

Free discussion

Then commences free discussions but still around the defined topic only


Lastly, contemplate your improvements and may all can benefit from this session holographically one way or another as we are one