COVID-19 Response

Wear a mask when social distancing is not possible. Why?
Asymptomatic transmission, and the natural desire to protect others and protecting others = protecting oneself, protecting oneself = protecting others
Time to re-evaluate our modes of existing on the planet
If one sits still, one should be absolutely joyful, what happened to us?
Calming the mind
Creating a calm and joyful spirit shuts the door from negativities' self-selling acts
Exercise and return to the breath, and breathe we, steadily
Thinking might be the source of our profound unease, withdraw from the physiological traumas by exercising the physical body and awaken the body's natural healing abilities and boost its immune system
Help each other out, but keep the distance
Just because we can in this instance
Evidence driven
Always check the sources of information and its supporting evidence before purchasing any beliefs, be tweeting and re-tweet responsible

The connection to our collective consciousness

When our human collective consciousness become unstable in such a way that fluctuations occur on-mass due to denial of connection with nature, as a part of nature, and when we refuse to change our ways toward a sustainable, open, selfish-less, sharing global community, unbalances may choose to manifests itself through severe weather conditions, pandemic(s) of global scale, different forms of conflicts, it may be nature’s act to auto correct and balance the long term deep rooted man-made separation and the impulses and inertia of over-powering others.
At certain points, when the disturbance we cause to the Eco-system goes beyond our ability to restore in terms of technologies and mass behavior change, we will be remembered as THE generation that failed its next.