Chan Purification Retreat 淨化禪

Purification of the physical, mental and spiritual for health and wellbeing
身、心、靈的淨化工程 | 享受身體健康,心情自在

Benefits 益處

Chan-Kuan preparatory course/training

This is a preparation course for Chan


Physical, mental and spiritual purification


Recharge your life energy


Enjoy better physical health and mental wellbeing

Cleansing & Stress-relief

Chan purification aims to produce cleansing result. Cleansing refers to removal of waste gas in skull and toxins in organs, which will result in stress- relief and relieve chronic illnesses.

Stop our excessive function of thinking

Chan Purification aims to correct wrong thinking behaviours. The healing and curing effects of the body and mind will result from the correction of wrong thinking behaviors.

What is Chan Purification

What do all living creatures have?


  • What is our bodily strength?
  • Where is our strength stored?
  • Do we know how to apply strength?
  • Are we using strength correctly?

Lín Jì School in China use these as tools and entry points to enter or become Chan, combining the dynamic elements of Mahayana Yoga from India, a complete and precise toolkit for total life transformation is born.

The basics of the toolkit are founded upon traceable lineages from both schools.

Shift our body and attention into the inner realm of spirituality, bypassing all mental delusions, exiting the Maya's play, and uncovering body's original roar/power through inhibiting the wrong usage of the brain.

The application of the toolkit is systematic, repeatable, verifiable, teachable, traceable, targetable and no longer only to be referred as a mystical, indescribable state of being.

Chan Purification is the beginning step.

結合印度大乘瑜珈(Mahayana Yoga)以及中國臨濟宗禪法,將瑜伽派的「動態行法」與「禪觀心法」重新合流,成一套完整精密的生命改造工程。




Suitable for 適合對象


those who are interested in Chan


those who are seeking self-empowerments through Chan


those who wish to improve physical health and emotional wellbeing

Events 活動

Retreat | Fri - Sun, 02 - 04 August 2019

Chan Purification Retreat

3 days and 2 nights (requires accommodation) | Retreat fee: $1,300 AUD

Offering limited free accommodation for the first 8 paid applicants for 2 nights @ 5-star hotel: Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park

Important note: All other applicants (except the first 8 paid applicants) will have to pay for the accommodation for 2 nights additionally, pricing will be based on the event day's rate.

Retreat location: Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park

週五 - 週日, 八月2號 - 4號 2019


三日淨化禪 - 3天2夜 (需住宿) | 報名費用: $1,300 澳幣

前8名提交報名及付款者,將有免費2夜住宿在5星級飯店 Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park


地址: Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park


To register please email us | 註冊請發郵件給我們
Workshop | Sun, 04 August 2019 | 2pm - 6pm

Experience the Power of Chan Purification Workshop

Experience the Chan Purification first hand

Suitable for

those who wish to learn more about Chan Purification Retreat
those are interested in Chan

Location: The Castlereagh Room, Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park

Free Admission, Spaces are limited, Click here to register
工作坊 | 週日, 2019年8月4號 2pm - 6pm



免費入場, 位置有限, 點此報名



地址: The Castlereagh Room, Sheraton Grand Sydney Hyde Park

Corrine(說中文) +61 452 067 927 (0452 067 927)

If you are have any other questions, please contact
May +61 422 100 675 (0422 100 675)

or email us

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