Huayen Power Walk

Connect with life With nature, and fresh air
Our destinations are oxygen saturated, open, and with plenty of natural light
Focused attention Many to single, complex to simple
Like starting a campfire, attention is the start of the spark
Stable emotion Tides to waves to balance
Ride the rhythmic emotional waves
Power breaths Breath is life
Take charge of breathing = take charge of your life
Take charge of your health and energy Live as if you are
With dignity and big heart
Letting go of the old Experience yourself anew like a babe
Put aside your habitual routines for few hours
Learn it and recharge yourself at your own time The more you invest into you, the more you will give back
Find the essence of doing and treat yourself your own time
Friendly team support Ask questions and share your insights
An opportunity to give and express

Start to take charge of your health and energy