Beyond expectations

What we do

Huayen School

Guided by the limitless dance of Truth, we strike to become a Huayen do-er


With our evolving programs that we hope not only can assist individuals' growth, but also can support our communities


We hold various youth facing, fun classes infused with Yogis' wisdoms towards a bright future


We are excited to create various forms of arts that connect people with nature, and natural happenings

Our missions

Creative solutions

Through our increasing understanding of the Mahāvaipulya Buddhāvataṃsaka Sūtra, we hope to extract and convert universal wisdom into earthly creative solutions to assist our human endeavours

Spiritual growth

While striving to fulfil basic pre-requisites of a spiritual do-er, we seek the
advancement of our spiritual growth and put it into use

Spiritual lineage

Continuing the spiritual lineages, and allow it to benefit communities with abundance of inner peace, and joy